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Essential® Rubber Quad Replacement Cane Tips
Made of heavy duty rubber Available in two sizes for small and large base quad canes Two Color Options: Black...
Essential® Offset Cane Replacement Handles and Wrist Straps
Will Fit Most Brands of Offset Canes Handles are Latex Free Sold in Eaches
Essential® Endurance® Quad Cane
Height adjustable Offset, foam handle Anodized aluminum shaft with welded steel base Use with either left or right hand by...
Essential® Endurance HD® Heavy Duty Offset Cane
500 lb. weight capacity Made from steel, but only weighs 3 lbs. Use Part #35066 Replacement Tips - These are...
Essential® Designer Offset Canes
Six great new designs Tube within a tube handle for added strength and 300lb. weight capacity Ribbed grip for added...
Essential® BigFoot™ Standing Cane Tip
Enables Canes To Stand On Their Own Flexes As You Walk Will Fit ¾" Shaft Canes
NOVA CROOK HANDLE CANE ADJUST Our Curved Canes are easy to handle and comfortable to use. The curved handle has...
$23.36 $25.95
Offset Canes with Strap
A cane favorite! The offset shape provides excellent support for the wrist, the soft grip is comfortable for the hands and...