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Canes & Crutches

Essential® Forearm Crutch Tips
Reinforced w/metal washers Provides skid proof traction
Essential® Endurance® Designer Small Base Quad Canes
Height adjustable to meet the needs of any user Features an offset style handle with a soft foam grip Choice...
Guardian Red Dot Aluminum Crutches
Red Dot crutches feature clip-lock adjusted handles and push-button adjusted height that allows for quick and easy adjustments Adult tall...
Essential® Ice Attachment for Cane
Easily attaches to most 3/4" shaft canes Five (5) stainless steel prongs for extra stability on the ice Hanger card...
Essential® Endurance HD® Heavy Duty Offset Cane
500 lb. weight capacity Made from steel, but only weighs 3 lbs. Use Part #35066 Replacement Tips - These are...
NOVA© Forearm Anatomical Crutch
The adult forearm crutches have an anatomical handle and are made out of lightweight aluminum. They are adjustable in height...
NOVA© Forearm Crutches
The adult forearm crutches are adjustable in height and made out of lightweight aluminum. They are for users between the...
Guardian Adult Bariatric Crutches
Bariatric crutches are made of steel for strength and durability. Adult: 5'1" - 5'9" Tall: 5'10" - 6'6" Weight Capacity:...
Nova WalkSafe™ Flashlight
The Flashlight FL-1000 adds extra light for safety in dark places and attaches to most canes, walkers, transport chairs, and...
Cane Tips
It will make the cane perform like new by helping grip the ground once again.
Rose Health Care Wheelchair Cane Clip
This double clip device can be used for canes as well as many other possibilities.  One side can e locked...
Rose Health Care Universal Cane Holder
The black plastic construction holds cane in upright position and easily attaches to the cane shaft with no tools required....
Nova Cane Holder
Nova’s innovative Cane Holder attaches to any walker and provides a perfect and secure home for your cane. It is...
Essential® Steppin' Out® Folding Canes
Cane will fold into a compact 15" plastic carrying case for easy travel Bold but classic designs that allow you...
Essential® Rubber Quad Replacement Cane Tips
Made of heavy duty rubber Available in two sizes for small and large base quad canes Two Color Options: Black...
Essential® Offset Cane Replacement Handles and Wrist Straps
Will Fit Most Brands of Offset Canes Handles are Latex Free Sold in Eaches